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Immersive Environments

Our environments are meant to turn norms on their head. As players progress through the kingdom, the environments get more fantastical.

Exciting Exploration

Our player interactions with NPCs, environments and the story will encourage and reward exploration in a fun and light-hearted way.

Unique NPCs & Enemies

Our NPCs and enemies will have physical and emotional features that embody their unique environments. Our bosses aren't small either…

Engaging Story

The soul of the game. Our story finds likeness to many coming-of-age fantasy novels – but with a few exciting twists to keep players on their toes.

Fluid, Fast-Paced Gameplay

Dodge rolls, attack combos, and near-frenzied combat scenarios that reward creative, on-the-fly decision-making skills.

Feature Highlight:

Professions in Laria are a bit different from other games. Want to learn more about becoming a healer? No? How about a cult leader? We think that growing crops that you can sell or eat is pretty neat too, but growing crops that eat people is even better.

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