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Exploring Laria

Sunset Steppes

Centuries ago, the Steppes used to be home to some of Laria's most lush, vibrant life. However, when the Makers went to war, the land suffered greatly. The climax of the Maker's war almost severed the entire region, nearly breaking it off into the ocean. Since that time, the land has withered, twisting the area into one of despair. Most Larian citizens assume that the land is barren, but life often finds unexpected ways of thriving. One of the harshest punishments doled out by nearby farmers on the Norin plains is to send the accused across Taram's Folly, stating that if they can survive the Steppes for a fortnight, their crimes would be forgiven. None ever seem to make it back.

Golden Coast


Continental Map

Each region in Laria has its own unique history, which shapes the types of encounters the players run into. It’s important that our NPCs, quests, monsters, items and professions all make sense in the larger world.

Let’s explore a few of Laria’s unique regions below, or you can click on the map to the left to enlarge.

Candell Lofts

Professions in Laria are a bit different from other games. Want to learn more about becoming a healer? No? How about a cult leader? We think that growing crops that you can sell or eat is pretty neat too, but growing crops that eat people is even better.