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Unique professions, unique experiences, unique results

Professions in Laria are unique in many ways.  Many professions will be new to players, and some will be old favorites with new twists.  Each professions’ tasks are also unique from one another, with each profession having its own interactions and game mechanics.  Being a farmer will feel different from being a weaponsmith or a courier.


Being a farmer will also provide players with more options than simply selling or consuming their crops as well.  For example, farmers can grow plants that attack enemies and generate light sources.  When players master professions, magical abilities unique to those professions will be unlocked for use in both combat and non-combat gameplay.

More than just another bullet-point feature

We weave professions in and out of both the story and core gameplay.  Each profession will help define and expand how the game is played, and will be reflective of the player’s values an interests in different gameplay styles.  Profession mechanics will subtly teach players about other gameplay interactions, such as combat, exploration and solving puzzles.


Professions are more than just a shiny toy we add to the feature list on our Steam page.  They serve as a conduit for both customized gameplay and expanded story interactions with NPCs whose lives revolve around each profession.

Professions everywhere, especially where you don't expect

There are over 20 professions to be discovered in Laria.  Some will be presented to the player, some will be easily discovered, and some will be well-hidden.  Professions are generally unique in their introduction requirements as well – some are region-specific, while others only make themselves known after a certain quest or story milestone has been reached or the correct objects have been collected.  Players are encouraged to try new things, as Laria offers unique professions, and they can come from where you least expect.

For those who don't like professions

Here’s a shocking twist – we don’t like professions!


Sure, we like the idea of professions, jobs, trade-skills, or crafting, but few games really tickle our fancy with how they implement these mechanics.  Professions – while fun in their own ways – often add very little to core gameplay.  Generally, professions are created as a distraction or time waster, providing only incremental power gains for the player.  Rarely is there any complexity or variety, and even rarer is the occurrence of a profession system that changes core gameplay mechanics such as altering combat styles.


Additionally, we aren’t fans of profession systems that get in the way of the fun.  In nearly every game we’ve ever played, professions end up being tasks that “had to be done” before getting to the fun parts of the game.  Of course we’re going to sit and cook that roast chicken over the fire – it gives us huge health and stamina buffs.  That doesn’t mean we’re going to enjoy doing it.


Our profession system is built to be fun, engaging, unique and seamlessly integrated into our other core game mechanics.  Additionally, our system is highly flexible.  If you don’t want to touch professions, no sweat!  If you “gotta craft ’em all“, that’s awesome too.